The core of our conservation work, the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) is a highly threatened forest type due to the constant human pressure over its range.

It is within this vegetation that the biodiversity of our area can be protected, and thus we try to encourage as many social groups to work with these plants.


The evergreen shrubs and trees make up the back bone of many of our landscaping projects, providing lush vegetation that requires much lower inputs of water and fertilizers than the commonly used exotic garden species.

There are over 1000 species found within the range of the TDEF, over 500 of these species have a recognized cultural use within the Local culture, be it for medicinal, spiritual or cultural purpose.


There is very little pristine forest left, in fact it is restricted to isolated temple groves rarely larger that an acre.

The reason these patches have survived is due to the protection effort by the forest’s association with a local deity who enjoys to hunt at night, but even these areas are under threat as the temples become more popular with pilgrims who clear out the undergrowth where regeneration is happening.

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