The Orchid House covers around 150 sqm and has a fully integrated sprinkler system that keeps the orchids in the perfect conditions as they extract all their moisture and nutrients from the air around them.


It was initiated in 2013, and extend in 2014. It now holds over 100 varieties of Orchids and other allied epiphytic plants, along with a growing collection of bromeliads and other ground covers that take advantage of the moist conditions below.


The Orchid House is home to the extraordinary, the extravagant, and the efficient. From the exotic hybrids which, exhibit characteristics that have been selected for by the plant breeders, to the native varieties that display the fine tuned evolutionary details that ensure pollination by a single species of insect.


Each orchid flower is a mystery to unravel or simply a wonder to behold, and thus it holds a very special attraction for the visitors to the gardens.

Of course we have to maintain a special environment to support them throughout the hot summer months, but that is also a celebration of ingenuity and planning from the human side.

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