The maze is a highlight for many of our younger visitors.

Searching along the endless paths for the paintings of the local forest animals, being disorientated by the 2 meter high evergreen hedges (planted with local indigenous plants from the TDEF), and successfully arriving at the center, are all part of the fun.


For us, it helps to build the relationship between the children and nature, something that they will keep as a memory of the day they spent with us, and that they will connect to a respect and love of the environment.

Which in later life just may help them to make a decision that heals the planet, rather than contributes to its demise.


The Labyrinth, is the opposite of the Maze.

As one walks along the embedded spirals towards the center on the unicursal path, the mind calms and there is the possibility to gain a glimpse of something deeper.

The design, based on the ancient Cretan design of a 7 circuits, has reoccurred many times throughout history, and with the help of our friends in America, it has now landed here on the Auroville Plateau.

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