The Arboretum is the place to meet with the trees, over 250 species, planted at wide spacing so that they each have the chance to grow and flourish.

Planted in groves by Genus, here we can see the adaptations that have occurred over the evolutionary timescale, which have led to gradual differences and eventually speciation.


It is constantly awe inspiring to imagine the time scale which has allowed these variations to give us the diversity that we can experience today.


Of the 250 species, 120 species are native to our region, drawn from the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest and the Dry Decidiuous.

Additionally we have all of the economically important species, both major and minor that will grow in our region.


Finally we collect ornamental and interesting trees that are suited to our climatic conditions, these are drawn from the naturalized exotics from previous times as well a new species were lucky enough to get from other plant collections.

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