Our History

History 1

Work at the gardens started in August 2000.

History 2

The first work was the plantation of the conservation area (Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest), which is found at the eastern end of the gardens.

History 3

Then over the next months we erected our windmill, got our water system working, established our plant nursery and built the first storeroom.

History 4

The following year we began to plant the arboretum, and develop the plans for the rest of the garden.

History 5

Our education programs started in the first few years, and by 2007 we had built our environmental education center.

History 6

At the same time we initiated our first outside consultancy projects to spread our knowledge and create an income stream to help us to sustain and develop the gardens.

History 7

Today the work continues, the number of people involved has grown and the work at the gardens develops and more ideas keep coming to keep us motivated and engaged.
Thank you! 🙂

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